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The Mission of MOMENTUM is to be Alabama's premier women's leadership program, empowering a diverse group of promising women to develop leadership skills that positively impact business, culture, and politics in Alabama.



In 2001 a group of dynamic, high-level leaders convened to discuss a means to elevate the professional potential of women throughout the State of Alabama. MOMENTUM has been changing the landscape of possibilities for aspiring executive women ever since, by developing their leadership skills and increasing their numbers, effectiveness and visibility.


A well-established 501(c)(3) organization, MOMENTUM identifies top-level candidates and then addresses the unique challenges facing women in leadership positions. Through skills-based training and mentoring, MOMENTUM helps build the capabilities of emerging Alabama women leaders by offering best practices for top-level managers. A vigorous one-to-one mentoring program gives participants access to a pool of highly respected, experienced senior leaders for individualized problem-solving, as well as personal and professional development.


More than just a training program, MOMENTUM has become a catalyst for positive change for women. For the past eleven years, over 250 graduates have honed their abilities to think critically from diverse and enlightened perspectives, lead ethically and intelligently, communicate more effectively, and create change in both the workplace and beyond. The curriculum includes financial-statement analysis, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, coalition building, overcoming barriers and failures, and a host of other valuable topics.


Today there are more women judges in Alabama, more female CEOs, and many more female entrepreneurs with the skills to succeed in business and in the nonprofit arena. MOMENTUM has moved the needle in countless ways for women of our state, due in large part to the support of top business leaders who understand that their company is more valuable and more attractive for recruitment when they have a larger base of educated and empowered women for promotion and succession planning.


2821 2nd Avenue South Suite B-1
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 321-6100


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